Steam Wallet Hack – Free Steam Wallet Codes

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Since Steam is one of the most popular platforms where you can buy games and other gaming items, and many members suggesting to write a guide for steam wallet hack we decided to make this post. This is quite new tool and it was not introduced before as it was available for only few people. Here you will find out how to get free steam wallet codes using this hack with step by step instructions. But before that , lets talk more about what exactly this tool does.

What is Steam Hack and its features ?

Before, when couple of similar programs were made, usually they were based on changing the Steam wallet balance by injecting. This was not a good way to be honest because often the balance was removed and all the games that were bought are deleted as well. The best way is to try to get steam codes free ,that you can redeem just like when you buy these codes online. This way all credits that you get will stay forever and you do not have to worry about it being removed. Lets see where you can download it and you can read more about it later in the post.

Steam Wallet Hack

Main window

Here you can see the main window of the tool with step by step instructions. It makes using it really easy

Download from official site

Updated : June 2013

Instructions for running the hack and getting Free Steam Codes

  1. Download Steam wallet code generator from download button above
  2. Run it and connect via Main or Alternative server
  3. You can then get your access key – Its needed for fast decryption servers
  4. Paste and and Validate
  5. Generate your codes – Choose between 10, 30 and 50$ codes
  6. Paste the code into last field and you will get the code that is ready to be redeemed
  7. Redeem and Enjoy!

Note that as you are doing steps they are turning green , telling you that you finished that step.

More information about Steam wallet and the hack tool

Steam Wallet Code Generator

Automatic Update Feature for Steam wallet code generator

One of the best features that were added in version 3 is the automatic updates. This means that free steam codes are updated automatically and whenever you run the program. As these codes are dynamically being added and decrypted , that means that you can get one code and when you restart the program after few minutes the databases should refresh with new codes. This is great because before version 3.0 users had to download new version of the hack every day which contained new codes.

Free Steam Codes

When you generate the code it is still encrypted and it needs to run on new decrypting servers. New , faster servers are added in new version which much faster , and you can basically get you code within minutes. And that is why you need access key if you were wondering. In previous versions you had to wait for slower servers , which took a day or two.

How to Redeem the code ?

Redeeming the free Steam wallet codes that you get is rather easy. You can go to official Steam website and type the code just like when you buy it on official website or one of the stores. Its best not to go with more then 100$-150$ per day , as this is looking natural. Steam wallet hack now has detection status , and if it says undetected you are safe to use every code that you get with it. This means that the codes are safe and not blacklisted. If for some reason it turns red , you should wait for new version.

Here is a video guide from one of the members

Steam Wallet Hack – Free Steam Wallet Codes -Guide 2013 from Dominik on Vimeo.

If you like playing iOS games , check out Clash of Clans hack here and enjoy free gems and gold for your game, it uses the same type of security features.


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